About Our Foundation

“Take from society, Give back to society”

About Us

With the hard work of all our colleagues, Alpha Networks has become the leading DMS manufacturer in networking industry with an annual revenue of over NT$ 20 million. While creating the largest value for our shareholders and customers, under the spirit of "Take from society, give back to society", in 2006, Alpha Networks founded the "Alpha Networks Foundation" both in Hsinchu City and Hsinchu County. The purpose is to give back to society and participate in educational and social benefit activities. The chairman of both foundations is assumed by Alpha Networks's chairman Mr. John Lee.

Words from the Chairman

I moved to Hsinchu 20 years ago. During this period of time, I traveled to many places for business. But every time I finished my work, I couldn't wait to go back home despite the great landscapes there. I finally realized the feeling described in the poet Wang Can's Poem on Climbing a Tower: "Although this place is gorgeous, this is not my hometown. Why should I be reluctant to leave?" Hsinchu has already become my hometown and where my heart lies.

Most of the colleagues in Alpha Networks, whether they come from Hisnchu or not and whether they have settled down here or just see Hsinchu as their second home, have the same profound feeling towards this place like I do. The founding of the "Alpha Foundation'' is dedicated to the hometown that has nurtured and nourished us, and stepping out to give out caring. With the founding of these foundations, we hope we can help those underprivileged children that the government and society have yet to aid, and allow them to have a better life and to learn more successfully.

This is our obligation in the first place and we expect everybody's enthusiastic participation.

Foundation’s Purpose

Since the founding of Alpha Foundation, we expected to start off from the Alpha Networks headquarters. By calling upon volunteers from the 1300 employees in the Taiwan headquarters and by actual activities that show care for different corners of society, we want them to see this society with empathy and put themselves in other people's shoes in order to provide efficient and actual assistances.

Also, the founding of Alpha Foundation is not only to give back to society, but we further expect to educate the employees to do good for others and transform them into loving butterflies. Being considerate, taking care of the people and affairs around oneself, and sharing social benefit ideas can assemble together caring hearts and gradually transform them into a world-moving power in which we can turn the world into a better place!

Record of Activities