Stakeholders Engagement

Stakeholders Communication and concerned issues

Concerned issues

Aspect Issues Employees Suppliers Clients Investor Government Authority Media
Corporate Governance Financial/Economic Performance      
Business Continuity Management  
Company Culture    
Industry Localization        
Environmental Protection Investments        
Supply Chain Management      
Research and Development  
Information Security Management  
Whistle blower System        
Technology and quality    
Marketing and Labeling      
Protection of customer privacy      
Shareholder protection    
Customer satisfaction      
Environment Protection Green product  
Energy Management      
Water Source Management      
Product Carbon Footprint    
Waste Management    
Regulation Compliance  
Green Supply Chain Management      
Conflict minerals        
Social Responsibility Talent Attraction and Retention      
Employee Relations    
Career Development & Education Training      
Employee Rights      
Community Care and Participation          
Child labor      
Forced or compulsory labor    
Occupational Safety and Health    

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