Risk Management

Identify and manage corporate risks.

Alpha Risk Management mechanism

Alpha networks set up Risk Management Committee (RMC) per Board of Directors approved“ Alpha RM policy and process”』,to identify and manage corporate risks.



Organization of Alpha RMC



Risk Management process

  1. Timing–RMC meeting is generally held quarterly or extraordinarily held when impact event happen.
  2. Identifying
    1. Collecting all external & internal risks and categorizing in 4 aspects (Strategical, Financial, Operational & hazardous).
    2. Assessing Significance of risk per Possibility x Impact scope and drawing chart of Risk Radar.
    3. Prioritize and highlight top risks.
  3. Prevention–preparing risk prevention plan.
  4. Reporting–reporting to executives.



Conclusion of  RMC meeting

Identified risks for year 2024