Alpha Networks' volunteers to help elderly citizens enjoy cloud digital technologies with their expertise in network communication

“Now that I have learned how to register online, I no longer have to go to the hospital at 6AM in the morning just to get in the queue!” “With the help of caller ID and number management mobile application, I won’t have to worry about calls from scammers and fraudsters!” A group of seniors over the age of sixty, most wearing reading glasses, were sharing happily with their peers about what they had learnt at the “Alpha Networks Cloud Mobile Application Charity Class”. For 2018, Alpha Networks Cultural Foundation focused on “mobile communication at the core of its operations” and leveraged the company’s strengths in network communications by leading its volunteers to teach the seniors at the Eastern District Citizens Center of Hsinchu City to use various features of cloud technologies so that elderly folks can also stay abreast with the times and enjoy the convenience of digital lifestyle together with the younger generations.

According to Alpha Networks Cultural Foundation Chairman John Lee, “Alpha Networks has accumulated decades of experience in the network communication industry, and this year, we have chosen to take our volunteers to go into local neighborhoods where they can leverage their expertise in network communication to serve the elderly citizens so that they will feel less intimidated by network technologies. By helping the seniors to take advantage of the real-time nature and convenience of Internet access, we can enrich and improve the quality of their lives!”

As Director Chen Ming-Hsiung of the Hsinchu City Eastern District Citizens Center noted, “We are tremendously grateful to Alpha Networks Cultural Foundation for sponsoring this charity. Due to insufficient government funding, the center is unable to offer related classes on cloud technologies and applications. In addition to fund sponsorship, the cultural foundation has even gone as far as planning a series of cloud applications that seniors over the age of 55 can utilize in their day-to-day lives while having their team of caring and friendly volunteers help our folks solve whatever difficulties they may have, making everyone really happy.”

As one of our senior participant commented, “I am not familiar with Internet technologies and my memory isn’t that good, and every time I ask my children or grandchildren about technology related questions, they end up becoming irritated. This makes me even more intimidated by modern technologies. But at the class, Alpha Networks’ volunteers were patient and caring enough that I was able to summon courage to ask questions and learn. In addition to acquiring new knowledge and skills, the experience also filled my heart with warmth and confidence.”

The “Cloud Mobile Application Charity Class” held by Alpha Networks covered contents including making online registrations for hospitals, checking bus services, TRA schedules and ticket order system, call ID and number management application for fraudulent call prevention and so forth. With contents that are easy to understand yet offer great practical values, the elderly trainees were passionate about learning and they aptly demonstrated the spirit of lifelong learning.

About Alpha Networks Inc.

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