Tripartite collaboration between ITRI, Alpha Networks and Far EasTone to receive the SCF Award

Leading network communication solution provider Alpha Networks (TWSE:3380) announced its collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Far EasTone Telecommunications in the development of small cells and unveiled its Self-Organizing Network (SON) technologies, which received the Judges’ Choice of the SCF Awards at the SCWS World 2018 in London, England. The collaboration involved Alpha Networks to provide small cells, with ITRI responsible for the design of positioning system and deployment in Far EasTone’s domain for testing. ITRI representative collected the award in London on behalf of the team.

According to Alpha Networks Chairman John Lee, “We are honored to have the opportunity to work with ITRI and Far EasTone in this project, which caught the attention of the panel of judges and won their recognition. Ever since the era of 3G technologies, Alpha Networks had already begun its research and development of small cell technologies and later committed itself to the development of Cloud-RAN in the 5G era of today. In a nutshell, Cloud-RAN is an edge computing system that comprises a small cell, a switch and server. Small cells not only function as the access point for many different kinds of network connection equipment but also offer cutting edge-computing capabilities. In other words, it plays a crucial role in different applications, be it an amplifier of signals for telecommunication companies to increase coverage or construction of custom ad-hoc networks for businesses.”

The Small Cell Forum (SCF) is dedicated to the promotion of small cell technologies and it is an important event for the exchange and promotion of global telecommunication standard technologies. Each year, participants that have made an innovative breakthrough or appreciable contribution to small cell technologies would be eligible for the SCF Awards. With the 5G era that will soon be upon us, research and developments on small cell technologies in recent years have mostly focused on the demands defined by 5G, with network virtualization and enterprise network being the key trends.

In the future, Alpha Networks will collaborate with Far EasTone by deploying the SON positioning technologies developed independently by ITRI in the healthcare industry. Given the substantial number of people going in and out of large medical facilities that are equipped with sophisticated instruments, apparatus for various inspection projects, Alpha Networks’ small cell can operate in conjunction with Far EasTone’s services in addition to ITRI’s positioning system to track the location of personnel and specific objects to achieve effective management of medical equipment, materials, inspection samples and so forth, thereby accomplishing the goal for smart healthcare.


About Alpha Networks Inc.

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