MWC 2014: Alpha Networks Launches the New Smart Home Gateway for Managing All Connected Home Devices

MWC 2014: Alpha Networks Launches the New Smart Home Gateway for Managing All Connected Home Devices

February 24, 2014, Hsinchu, Taiwan - Alpha Networks Inc. (TAIEX: 3380), a global leader in the networking ODM/OEM industry, is proud to announce a series of new 4G mobile communication products, including the ASL-14331M 4G Smart Home Gateway, at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. ASL-14331M integrates all connected home devices, by seamlessly linking and setting up network communication devices, home entertainment units, surveillance systems, network-attached storage applications, automatic controls, and cloud computing platforms. It is set to become the new-generation smart home controller hub, managing all home devices in a smart way.

As the concept of a smart home arises, connected devices with specific functions get more complicated. While they provide convenience, their complex setup and management may deter users, and that has opened up a market for core home integrated networking devices. Alpha Networks is introducing the 4G Smart Home Gateway, ASL-14331M, at the MWC 2014 to fully demonstrate the company's strengths in software-hardware integration and the advantage coming from its comprehensive product lines. The ASL-14331M links all smart home devices and enables easy access to remote settings with a dedicated app to manage all smart home connected devices, such as home entertainment units, surveillance systems, network-attached storage applications, and automatic controls. The ASL-14331M turns the traditional gateway into an internet door of the family and a hub of automatic controls. Another core value of the ASL-14331M is its capability to combine cloud services. With this product, service providers can not only offer more diverse applications to users, but also customize value-added services based on user information collected from cloud platforms.

Targeting the 4G mobile communication market, Alpha Networks also introduced the BLT-FAP01 LTE & WiFi Enterprise Small Cell, the WLT-RV02 LTE Integrated Access Device, and the WLT-OD02 Outdoor Unit, which can automatically search for the best signals. Embedded with an in-house software solution, Alpha presents the BLT-FAP01. With its Interference Management feature, the product provides enterprises and operators with a more flexible solution to intelligently manage and allocate the bandwidth between WiFi and LTE networks. Alpha Networks also offers a comprehensive portfolio of heterogeneous networking products with various communication technologies including 3G/4G Micro Base Stations, 3G/4G modules, WiFi modules and PON broadband technologies to fulfill any different product applications and customer requirements.

“Over the years, Alpha Networks acquired an in-depth insight into the global telecommunications market. With superior software and hardware engineering design capabilities and comprehensive diverse portfolio, Alpha Networks showcases its strength, flexibility and competitiveness in the communications era. In the trend of intelligent applications, Alpha Networks will continue to develop products in the direction of providing total solutions and integration services. By combining networking technologies and multimedia applications, Alpha Networks will create a diverse and convenient smart environment for consumers.” said Harrison Chang, President of Alpha Networks.

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