CES 2014: Alpha Networks Demonstrates the Latest Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies and Integrated Smart Applications to Enhance Digital Lifestyle

CES 2014: Alpha Networks Demonstrates the Latest Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies and Integrated Smart Applications to Enhance Digital Lifestyle
January 8, 2014, HsinChu, Taiwan - Alpha Networks Inc. (TAIEX: 3380), a global leader in the networking ODM/OEM industry, is exhibiting the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, combining and expanding smart applications for automobiles, healthcare, mobile devices, home networking, multimedia and home surveillance for a better digital lifestyle.

Following the popularity of mobile Internet, the rapid development of network applications has not only materialized the concept of a smart home, it further revolutionizes the Internet of Things (IoT). At CES 2014, Alpha Networks reveals the very first industry integrated wireless product, combining mobile enterprise solutions with Internet of Things (IoT) for automotive, healthcare and industrial control markets. This wireless product is designed for future smart cars and remote health monitoring development.

Since the dawn of smartphones, smart applications are rapidly expanding into our daily life in automobiles and healthcare. As electric cars are becoming more intelligent and eco-friendly, Alpha Networks is introducing the 24GHz Intelligent Radar Sensor with multiple-sensing capabilities to the automobile industry, providing smart detection that  detects vehicle movement, speed, distance, collision avoidance and other measurements as they occur, making future cars safer and more reliable to drive. The active sensing technology of the 24GHz Intelligent Radar Sensor can also be used to monitor the fuel level, dim car headlights, touchless heartbeat detection and more. As for healthcare applications, Alpha Networks is launching the Multifunctional, 4G, Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi module; mainly used for health preventive care, remote health monitoring, automatic diagnostics, commercial-grade sensing control, and more.

In addition, the concept of IoT can be thoroughly implemented in a smart home. At CES 2014, Alpha Networks is also unveiling the smart Wireless Power Switch. Not only will this boost the wireless signal at home, but it’s also a smart device that monitors electricity usage from a mobile device using a 3G/WiFi network, allowing remote monitoring of home appliances anytime, anywhere without physical constraints.

The future digital lifestyle will be closely integrated with network applications. With proven hardware and software development and design capability, Alpha Networks provides customized solutions with functional stability and economical products for our customers to meet different market demands. At CES 2014, Alpha Networks is demonstrating multiple new products from its Mobile Enterprise Solutions, Digital Multimedia, Wireless, and Mobile & Broadband Business Units:

*LTE/WiFi Enterprise Small Cell
Entering the era of 4G/LTE, Alpha Networks proudly presents the first advanced 4G LTE/WiFi Enterprise Small Cell with Interference Management. Integrated with an in-house software solution, the product provides enterprises and operators with a more flexible solution to intelligently manage and allocate the bandwidth between WiFi and LTE networks. Alpha Networks also provides completed heterogeneous networking products with various communication technologies including 3G/4G Micro Base Stations, 3G/4G modules, WiFi modules and broadband technologies to fulfill different product applications and customer requirements.

*Smart Surveillance System
Unlike the traditional CCTV equipment with one-way communication, Alpha Networks specially designed a Smart Surveillance System with a two-way interactive feature that can be used for home care monitoring and integrating remote medical control monitoring when an event occurs. Users can use real-time remote video monitoring and interactive voice guidance to ensure safety. Like a virtual bodyguard, the Smart Surveillance System provides peace of mind for users in healthcare monitoring or home security.
* 802.11b/g/n WiFi Repeater with Airplay Playback
In the midst of the transition to smart homes, users don’t have to replace all traditional equipment with connected devices for convenient digital lifestyles. Alternatively, users can pair their existing audio systems with the Alpha Networks WiFi Repeater with Airplay Playback to create a smart home environment with unlimited audio streaming. Integrated with the 802.11n wireless networking standard, this WiFi Repeater can eliminate wireless dead spots at home and create a wireless audio system that can be controlled remotely through iOS/Android smart phones or tablets.

* 802.11ac Dual Band Concurrent Router with NFC
Internet of Things (IoT) increases the requirement for better networking speed, yet the complicated setup of a WiFi router creates problems for most users. To solve this problem, Alpha Networks is launching the NFC Smart Router, combining today’s highest wireless networking speed of 802.11ac with Near Field Communication (NFC) for ease of setup.  By touching a mobile device to the NFC Smart Router, system setup can be completed automatically within seconds!

* Wireless Sound System
Proceeding with R&D development of smart multimedia and audio systems, Alpha Networks is revealing a complete wireless speaker series product line at CES 2014, ranging from entry-level wireless mini speakers, mid-range 2.0 HiFi speakers, to high-end 2.1 HiFi speakers. All speakers in this product line feature Bluetooth, high-speed wired Internet, 802.11b/g/n wireless standard, integrated wireless audio streaming apps, high-performing speaker system, and high efficient amplifier design to guarantee outstanding sound quality for its class. In addition, speakers in this family can be easily expanded into multiple rooms, incorporated with friendly Android apps or OTT network radio apps, creating a perfect whole house audio system for instant playback of wireless music everywhere.
“Over the years, Alpha Networks has accumulated valuable experience in networking design and development. Our exceptional capability in this industry can be proven in multiple areas such as evolving network technologies and diversifying applications. As a long term partner for major multinational corporations, we provide tailor-made hardware and software solutions that generate remarkable results. Alpha Networks will continue to follow the market trend and develop products in the direction of providing total solutions and integration services. By combining networking technologies and multimedia applications, Alpha Networks will create a diverse and convenient smart home environment for consumers,” said Harrison Chang, President of Alpha Networks.

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