Alpha Networks Launches Cloud-Based Multiscreen Digital Multimedia Products at the 2012 International CES

Alpha Networks Launches Cloud-Based Multiscreen Digital Multimedia Products at the 2012 International CES

January 10, 2012, Hsinchu, Taiwan - Alpha Networks Inc. (TAIEX: 3380), a global leader in the networking and multimedia DMS industry, is showcasing a series of cloud-based integrated product solutions for consumer electronics by combining the latest mobile communication and home networking technologies at the 2012 CES, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow.  Aimed to satisfy the growing demands for home entertainment in the cloud, Alpha Networks is creating a multiscreen application platform that combines home entertainment, home communications, home monitoring and home storage to enhance new user experience to the next level.

Home Entertainment:
Geared with the advantages of having access to the latest communication standards and superior engineering (hardware and software) development under the same roof, Alpha Networks is set to provide the most up-to-date home entertainment technologies to the world to make life at home more enjoyable and entertaining!

A. Android 3D Smart TV HD STB: Paired with the newest Android open platform and eye-catching 3D graphics, this device incorporates the latest DLNA standard to enable the ability of watching HDTV and browsing Over-The-Top (OTT) services such as Youtube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Facebook, Flickr, Google Weather, and many more on-line media services in the cloud, fulfilling user’s high expectation of today’s home entertaining products. 
B. Cloud-based Multiscreen Integrated Solution: In a new era of multimedia technology, developing new user interfaces and interactive services are some of the main focus points for the Multimedia Research and Development team in Alpha Networks.  Integrated with Smart TV STB, Alpha’s multiscreen offering allows users to easily use smart phones and tablets such as iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or other smart mobile equipment to wirelessly control and enjoy media services in the cloud on multiscreen.  With great technology breakthrough, Alpha Networks is also showcasing its complete integrated solution of PC and Smart TV STB, enabling interoperability and control of a PC from a Smart TV STB without any limitation on user experience.

C. Wi-Fi Direct/Wi-Fi Display Over-The-Top STB: Combining the latest Wi-Fi Direct wireless communication technology, users can project photos and videos from their mobile device directly onto the big screen TV, saving the efforts of using a home router, allowing users to easily share wonderful and diverse digital content with family and friends.

Home Communication:
To accommodate a high-quality home video system, Alpha Networks introduces several family communication products. These products provide unrestricted access to the Internet and high-speed transmission, so that uploading and downloading huge multimedia files can be completed in no time.

A. USB 3.0 Wireless Storage Router: Alpha Networks proudly presents the USB 3.0 Wireless Storage Router. The transfer speed of the new generation USB 3.0 is 10 times faster than USB 2.0, combining with its wireless dual-band concurrent bandwidth of 450Mbps+450Mbps, this router is capable of providing fast and uninterrupted streaming of high-definition video and audio within the house flawlessly.
B. 500 Mbps Power Line Communications (PLC): The all new cost-effective 500Mbps PLC adapter requires no new wires at home and solves the problem of network signal instability of transferring large video files.  Designed with a small size, similar to a cigarette lighter, this adapter will once and for all answer the networking need for an elegant device at home. 
C. 3G Femtocell : With millions of smart mobile devices and tablets sold globally each year, 3G Femtocell solves the problem of limited signal coverage and indoor capacity. Alpha Networks showcases its strong software and hardware development capabilities by demonstrating the high performance 3G Femtocell with interference management and other advanced Femto technologies to solve common deployment problems Telecom carriers are facing today.  Since the key communication software stacks are developed in-house, Alpha Networks can better help Telecom operators to optimize performance and ensure interoperability at local environments, making 3G Femtocell deployment as effortless as possible.

D. LTE Personal Mobile Router: Being light and portable, this 4th generation LTE router allows users to access network data, view multimedia, and go online wherever they are. The addition of this mobile router to the LTE product portfolio offering will effectively increase the penetration rate of 4G services to the public.

Home Monitoring:
Satisfying the need for different home surveillance systems, Alpha Networks offers a wide selection of IP-based home security cameras, ranging from entry-level to commercial-graded surveillance cameras with an easy configuration and sophisticated user interface.  With complete integration of Smart TV STB and security videos recorded to home NAS, users can easily access home monitoring devices or videos from smart mobile equipment, giving a peace of mind for a user wherever he goes.

“With the increasingly convergence of mobile technologies and network applications, it accentuates our engineering strength and capability to develop innovative solutions in-house.  In order to meet a customer’s high expectation, we provide efficient yet flexible engineering services for product customization to greatly reduce time-to-market without sacrificing quality.  Alpha Networks will continue to follow the trend of the digital home market and develop in the direction of providing solutions to all aspects and integration services. By combining cloud services and multimedia applications, Alpha Networks will create a diverse and convenient digital home environment for consumers,” said Harrison Chang, President of Alpha Networks.

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