Alpha Networks to Penetrate European, US, Japan with Competitive New Femtocell

Alpha Networks to Penetrate European, US, Japan with Competitive New Femtocell


Oct 19, 2010, Hsinchu, Taiwan - Alpha Networks has introduced the WHU-FAP01, a new model in the 3G Femtocell product range, to solve the problem of limited signal coverage and capacity indoors. The company plans to penetrate the European, American and Japanese markets soon with its advantages of developing Femtocell software and hardware on its own at a competitive cost.


Since smart mobile devices like iPhone and iPad are selling well in the world market, the telecommunications industry has focused its attention on how to solve the problem of inadequate 3G signal coverage to enable end-users to enjoy unlimited access to 3G mobile data downloading service indoors.


Alpha Networks’ new generation WHU-FAP01, with the most mature chip solution design, is a Femtocell that can be integrated with a gateway device for residential end-users. The company completed the design of the first generation WHU-FAP01 early this year and participated in the first PlugFest interoperability testing held by the Femto Forum inFrance. After a successful WHU-FAP01 research and development experience, Alpha Networks introduced a new second generation WHU-FAP01 hardware design, in close cooperation with chip manufacturers, not only to enhance wireless transmission efficiency, but also to lower production costs to provide an aggressive pricing advantage towards our customers. The latest design has been completed and was provided to mobile operators for assessment. Alpha Networks has also planned an enterprise Femtocell and integrated IAD products to provide carriers with a complete solution.


“Femtocell has enhanced the value of Alpha Networks’ products and integrated the company’s complete and diversified production lines. In addition to integrating all the functions into a residential gateway and IAD product, Femtocell will also connect to a series of digital home products and multimedia applications, allowing operators to differentiate themselves with value-added services.” noted John Lee, Chairman of Alpha Networks.


Except for Femtocell, hardware OEM Alpha Networks also provides customized software designs. The company is confident that its advantageous R&D techniques and leading technology capabilities will enable it to provide rapid integrated and customized design services and help customers to create the maximal competitive edge by using its rich experience in broadband market biddings well and cooperate development with first-class global manufacturers for many years.


Alpha Networks, Inc., a global leader in the networking ODM/OEM industry, is a premier partner of brand name networking companies, telecommunications firms, and service providers from around the world. Its diverse portfolio of off-the-shelf and custom solutions leverage the full potential of current and emerging technologies, including: LAN/MAN, Broadband, Wireless, Digital Multimedia.


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