Alpha Networks Showcases Bit Torrent Media Player with Extensive Multimedia Format Support at 2009 CeBIT

Alpha Networks Showcases Bit Torrent Media Player with Extensive Multimedia Format Support at 2009 CeBIT

A Cost-effective Means to Deliver Internet Contents and Home Entertainment Experiences to Television

Hannover, Germany, February 26, 2009 – Alpha Networks Inc. (TAIEX: 3380), a global leader in the networking ODM/OEM industry, today unveils its brand new network media player, BT BOX, at 2009 CeBIT. This Bit Torrent Media Player creates a compelling visual experience by allowing users to enjoy multimedia contents downloaded from the internet through Bit Torrent or HTTP download mode on a television.

Alpha’s BT BOX, with a built-in hard drive, is a plug-and-play network device that enables users not only to download files without PC from peer-to-peer Bit-Torrent networks, but also to play and share all kinds of multimedia contents easily on a big-screen TV. BT-BOX offers video/audio decoding of all popular media formats that users can find on the internet, including RMVB/RM, WMV, MPEG-4, DivX, H.264, MKV, Avi, Asf, Vob, MP3, WMA, OGG, and AAC, as well as support for multi-subtitle capability and HDMI up to 1080i resolution.

Unlike other network media players that cater to power users, Alpha, with in-house software design capabilities, offers an easy-to-use interface, which allows users to edit their own channel guide, and supports channel flipping, and smart preview. Users can program channels to organize the demanded contents as they like; then just sit back, relax, and enjoy movies, music, and photos with only one finger to control the remote--just like watching a regular TV program. In addition, BT-BOX implements an external USB OTG port that can dynamically switch roles as host or device to synchronize data with a PC or NB.

“Peer-to-peer networks like Bit-Torrent have rapidly become popular with enormous variety of users. Many, who are not power users, are still looking for a convenient way to download, store, and share files, which makes this market full of potential. Alpha’s BT-BOX, offering all-in-one features and unparalleled user experiences, is without doubt the most optimal solution for brand-name companies to penetrate this market,” said Mr. Tim Kang, the CTO of Alpha Networks.

To see a demonstration of the Bit Torrent Media Player, BT-BOX, please visit Alpha Networks at 2009 CeBIT, Booth D47/1 Hall 13.

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