Supply Chain Management

Alpha Networks demands our suppliers to fulfill CSR policy.

Alpha Networks demands our suppliers to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities

and suit the following measures:

Suppliers must provide green parts and take the responsibility of protecting the environment.
To execute trade against terrorism and to sponsor social security.
We take note on the labor rights of our suppliers.

As RBA continuously pays attention to the labor rights issue in the supply chain of the electronic industry, Alpha Networks recognizes and adopts RBA standards actively. We demand our suppliers to match related requirements on eco-friendliness, safety and health, labor rights, and labor conditions.

Suppliers' Responsibility: Provide conflict-free mineral raw materials

We recognize that the responsible sourcing procedure within the "Conflict-free Smelter Program (CFSP)" developed by RBA and Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) is a promotion to the humanitarian spirit and social moral standards that practice human dignity, and therefore is the corporate social responsibility Alpha Networks has to fulfill. Due to such belief, Alpha Networks has established related mechanisms and procedures, including a due diligence structure that adheres to Model Supply Chain Policy for a Responsible Global Supply Chain of Mineral from Conflict-Affected and High Risk Areas issued by OECD in 2011, to make sure that we and our suppliers match related regulations.

  • Starting from 2011, we asked our suppliers to sign the "Statement of Conscientious Conflict Minerals" to prevent supplying us with materials from conflict mines.
  • Starting from 2013, we adopted the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template developed by RBA and GeSI and conducted a survey on conflict minerals used in all products. Besides demanding our suppliers to disclose the list of smelters and mines they cooperate with, we also established a conflict mineral investigation system to fulfill our duty of investigation.
Note: "Conflict-free" raw materials mentioned above means that the raw materials are from RBA and GeSI recognized smelters or ones that have been verified and conscientiously investigated and proven to be DRC Conflict Free according to US regulations. For further information on RBA, please log on to its website:
Conflict Mineral Promises

We promise that we will continue to pay attention to the issue of conflict minerals and devote ourselves on verifying whether the sources of materials such as Gold (Au)、Tin (Sn)、Tantalum (Ta)、Tungsten (W)、Cobalt (Co) and Mica are conflict-free or not. We promise that we will be mutually prosperous and long-term cooperation partners with our suppliers, expecting the suppliers to disclose the list of smelters and mines they cooperate with, and demanding the suppliers to adhere to RBA regulations to fulfill corporate social responsibilities together.

Conflict Mineral Policy
  • Continue to encourage our suppliers to procure materials from recognized conflict-free smelters and mines.
  • Continue to demand our suppliers to persuade smelters and mines that are not recognized to accept Conflict-free Smelter Program (CFSP) or other independent third party verification programs that have equal importance.
  • Continue to dedicate ourselves to achieve the goal of using "conflict-free" Gold、Tin、Tantalum、Tungsten、Cobalt and Mica. We will regularly update the annual investigation we conduct on our suppliers in order to demand them to improve and enlarge the scope of information disclosure to suit legal and customer demands.
  • Implement C-TPAT to maintain social security.