Protecting Our Planet

Protecting our planet by responding to global green energy conservation.

Responding to Global Green Energy Conservation

As an eximious network communication manufacturing corporation, Alpha Networks has the responsibility to protect the environment and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities in the time of global warming. Alpha Networks has dedicated itself to developing green, energy conserving, and recyclable products and technologies to reduce the harm pollutants will cause to the environment, and strengthen our management on air pollution, water pollution, and waste.

Environment and HSF Policy
  • Follow environmental regulations and RoHS.
  • Research and develop green products to meet the standard of a perfect HSF product.
  • Promote recycling to reduce waste.
  • Continue to improve our manufacturing process to reduce its environmental impact.
  • Raise the employees' acknowledgement on environmental protection carrying out environmental protection operations.
  • Conserve energy and raise the service efficiency of energy.

HSF – Hazardous Substance Free
Declaration on Greenhouse Gas Inspection and Policy

Global warming has caused climate anomalies and is threatening our environment. As an iconic manufacturer of network communication equipment, we have to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities to create a non-toxic, healthy, and sustainable environment for the next generation. Therefore, we hereby declare we will:

  • Dedicate ourselves to the disclosure of corporate carbon emission to control the corporate emission situation.
  • Cooperate with our business partners to enlarge the range of carbon emission reduction.
  • Provide a variety of low-carbon selections for our consumers and users.
  • Using the product's carbon footprint information to enhance information transparency and implement carbon reduction.

GHG: Greenhouse Gases
ISO 14064-1: Greenhouse gases -- Part 1: Specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals.

Green Promises

Alpha Networks has devoted itself to the R&D and manufacturing process of green products, and further promoted this concept in staff training sessions, hoping it will be carried on in their everyday lives. The Green Actions will then be performed in the most vivid way and create the greatest beneficial results. We hereby promise we will:

  1. Obey environmental regulations
  2. Research and develop green products
  3. Enhance recycling and reduce quantity of waste
  4. Continue to improve our manufacturing and process and reduce its environmental impacts
  5. Promote environment protection consciousness to our employees to accomplish our mission
  6. Conserve energy and improve energy service efficiency
  7. Inspect and reduce greenhouse gases
  8. Dedicate ourselves in protecting biodiversity

The Design Production of Green Products

Under strict management, we adhere to RoHS and WEEE rules from the EU, and continuously promote product efficiency improvement to suit the ErP regulation of the EU.


Environment Protection

Low pollution, low energy loss, reusing, resource cherishing and energy service efficiency enhancement plans are implemented in our corporation to reach the goal of energy conservation and reducing CO2 emissions.

ALPHA GP Structure
ALPHA GP: ISO14001 / ISO14064-1 / IECQ QC080000 / WEEE / ErP / REACH / RoHS / GHG


Life Cycle Thinking

We introduced the idea of Life Cycle Thinking at the phase of product R&D and additional green designing ideas are introduced and adjusted ourselves with the renewal of international environment regulations.


Greenhouse Gases

Due to the conditions of global warming getting more severe day by day, energy conservation and GHS emission reduction campaigns have been promoted internationally. To respond to the impact caused by global climate change, Alpha Networks takes part in the Carbon Disclosure Project, and we have dedicated ourselves to corporate carbon emission disclosure (ISO 14064-1) and product carbon footprint inspection (ISO 14064-1) to handle our greenhouse gas emission conditions and reduce our emissions accordingly.



As we are seeking better production quality, we also promote eco-thinking and have received numerous certificates for our management system. Through continuous improvement, we will meet the customers' needs constantly.

ISO 9001
TL 9000
ISO 14001
IECQ QC80000
ISO 14064-1


"Biodiversity" is a phrase that was brought to us in 1986 and is the abbreviation for biological diversity. At the beginning, it meant an overall investigation on the different species and categories of all plants, animals, fungi, and micro-organisms. Later, the academic definition for biodiversity has been expanded to the variability of living organisms and all kinds of ecosystems, including different layers of life forms starting from genes, individuals, groups, species, community, and ecosystems and on to land scope. Also, with a broader definition, it also means the complicated, close and fragile interdependent relationship between different kinds of organisms living in different kinds of artificial or natural systems. It not only seeks for the coexistence and mutual prosperity of mankind and the biosphere, but also contains economic, scientific, educational, cultural, ethical, and aesthetic values.

Alpha Networks plans to further understand the spirit of biodiversity and contribute to its conservation.