Social Responsibility

To build a friendly workplace and promote social commonweal.

Manpower Structure

The number of our employees is over 3,000 worldwide (end of 2021)


  • The Training System of Alpha Networks:

    1. Management training
    2. Professional training
    3. General course/Core competency training
    4. Orientation training/Self development
  • Career Development in Alpha Networks:

    1. Dual abilities on management and profession
    2. Broaden your horizons with overseas assignments
    3. Trans-product/trans-department project experience
    4. Promotion and development according to your performance
  • Alpha Networks's Training Resources:

    1. Papers on knowledge management
    2. External training
    3. Internal training
    4. Internal instructor/Mentor
    5. E-Academy's e-learning platform

Human Rights Protection

Alpha Networks Worker Policy:

  • We do not use forced, peon, contract-binding, or any involuntary workers.
  • We do not use child labor under the age of 16.
  • Our working time follows the regulation of the Labor Standards Act.
  • All the salary and welfare given to the employees adheres to related regulations.
  • We treat and respect all employees equally and do not savage, insult, or torture them in any inhuman ways.
  • We provide equal working chances for all job seekers and employees, and do not discriminate against them due to their race, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, religious belief, political inclination, social organization membership or marital status.
  • We respect the employees' legal right of association and protect them to openly communicate about working conditions with our executives without the fear of being retaliated against, threatened, or harassed.

Salary and Welfare

  • Salary

    With a competitive salary standard, we will adjust the employee's salary annually according to the company's overall operating conditions and each person's performance.

  • Bonus

    Taking the company's earned profit into account, a certain percentage of surpluses will be used as an employee's bonus.

  • Insurance

    Besides the National Health Insurance and the Labor Insurance, the corporation provides further insurance on group insurance and accident insurance, allowing our colleagues to feel more insured on their life and personal safety.

  • Leave and Shifts

    Besides a complete set of paid annual leave, illness leave, maternal leave, menstruation leave, paternity leave, etc., we also provide optional leave on national holidays according to the Labor Standards Act.

  • Welfare

    Besides providing a marriage subsidy, birth subsidy, funeral subsidy, hospitalization subsidy, birthday bonuses, three Chinese-festival bonuses, etc., we also have domestic and foreign trip subsidies, allowing you to have more fun.

  • Flexible Welfare System

    By using Payeasy, we can turn your cash benefits into purchasing points and provide more redeemable selections, allowing our colleagues to choose what they like.

A Safe and Healthy Working Environment

Alpha Networks provides a safe and healthy working environment to protect the safety and health of our employees' lives.

Alpha Networks's Industrial Safety Strategy:
  • Hygiene and detriment general education training for new recruits.
  • On duty education training on safety and hygiene for employees.
  • Special operation trainings for special operators, such as emergency care personnel, ionizing radiation operators, organic solvent operation directors, lift truck operators, etc.
  • Weekly and monthly environment and facility inspection of related units.
  • Operation environment inspection on organic solvents, noise, carbon dioxide, illumination, etc., twice per year.

Worker Participation

Alpha Networks promises to respect the employees' legal right of association, and establishes communication channels according to local regulations.

Alpha Networks establishes a regular communication mechanism. Through the labor-management meeting and welfare committee meeting held every season, we report the corporation's operating conditions to our employees, and labor representatives can reflect their voices and suggestions on certain agendas to us. We hope consensus within the corporation can be made through these discussions.

Workers' Health

We take note of the working and living quality of our employees and provide them with the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and health welfare measures. A Workers' Safety and Hygiene Department is established under our corporation, providing employees with intermittent safety and hygiene education lectures, annual health checks, occupational hazard prevention, and other related health consultancies, in order to protect the physical and mental health of our employees, and enhance the productivity and satisfaction degree of our colleagues.