Alpha Networks promise to promote and conduct RBA regulations.

RBA Policy

Alpha Networks promises to actively promote the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct to ensure the safety of the whole supply chain and the working environment of subcontractors, expecting all workers to be respected, a business environment with dignity can be created and moral standards will be obeyed.

Besides the continuous self-expectation on the improvement of labor conditions, healthy and safety conditions, environment conditions and moral standards, we promise to accept the on-site examination of a third party verification institution and actively demand that suppliers adopt RBA equipment and standards. To present such a promise and create a business environment for sustainable development, we uphold an honest and intransigent attitude and standpoint when enacting RBA related policies. We are determined to fight for the rights and privileges for electronic appliance suppliers.

RBA Code of Conduct contains the following regulations

  • Labor

    • Free choice of employment
    • Young labor
    • Working time
    • Salary and welfare
    • Human treatment
    • Indiscrimination
    • Freedom of Association
  • Health and Safety

    • Occupational safety
    • Emergency preparedness
    • Occupational injury and occupational disease
    • Industrial hygiene
    • Laborious work
    • Machine maintenance
    • Public hygiene and accommodation
    • Health and safety information
  • Environment

    • Environment permit and report
    • Pollution prevention and resource efficiency
    • Damaging substances
    • Sewage and solid wastes
    • Exhaust emission
    • Substance control
    • Storm water management
    • Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission
  • Moral Regulations

    • Sincerity management
    • No unlawful profits
    • Information transparency
    • Intellectual property rights
    • Fair trade, advertisement, and competition
    • Identification protection and retaliation prevention
    • Procure minerals responsibly
    • Privacy
  • Management System

    • Corporation's Promises
    • Duty and responsibility of management
    • Legal and customer's demands
    • Risk evaluation and risk management
    • Goal of improvement
    • Training
    • Communication
    • Employees’ suggestions and participation
    • Inspection and evaluation
    • Correction measures
    • Documents and records
    • Responsibility as a supplier

Policies on Conflict Minerals

We are committed to continuously focus the topic of conflict minerals, and ensure the use of Gold (Au)、Tin (Sn)、Tantalum (Ta)、Tungsten (W)、Cobalt (Co) 、 Mica and other mineral sources meeting the conflict-free principles. We promise to be a long-term coexistent partner of the suppliers,
expect and ask the suppliers to disclose the lists of cooperating smelters and mines, and require the suppliers
to comply with RBA Norms, so as to fulfil the social responsibility of enterprises together.

Ethics Policy

We uphold sincerity, fairness, law-abiding, and follow moral standards when conducting all our business activities. We prohibit our employees from receiving any bribery, conduct corruption, providing or receiving any immoral gifts, cash gifts, and entertainment to and from suppliers, customers and interest related personnel. We will strictly protect the classified information, property, and intellectual property of Alpha Networks, our customers, and our suppliers.

Note: We adhere to sincere management and prohibit any form of unlawful behaviors. Therefore, we have established an identity confidential mechanism for both informants and people reported against. Appealing channels are provided in case any unlawful incidents are discovered. As for the informants, we will strictly keep investigation contents and results as a secret, and will make sure that the related personnel's rights and interests will not be damaged.

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