Bare Metal Switch

32-port 40GE QSFP+ Data Center Top of Rack Switch (SNQ-60x0-320F)

Key Features
  1. 32 QSFP+ ports with 40Gbps wire-speed.
  2. Modular CPU board with large flash and memory.
  3. Temperature warning system.
  4. Readable software thermal monitor.
  5. Real-time Clock (RTC) support.
  6. Two hot-swappable redundant power supply module ports, with one power supply module included.
  7. Five hot-swappable redundant fan module ports, with four fan modules included.
  8. One 10/100/1000 Mbps Out-Of-Band (OOB) management port.
  9. One RS-232 to RJ-45 serial console port.
  10. One Micro USB console port and one USB storage port.



  • Switching Capacity: 2560 Gbps.
  • Max. Forwarding Rate: 1920 Mpps
  • Jumbo Frame: 12KBytes
  • Forwarding Mode: Selectable:
    - Store and Forward
    - Cut and Through
  • Hardware Tables and scalability
    - Packet Buffer memory: 12Mbytes
    - MAC Entries: 32K min./288K max
    - L2 MC: 16K
    - VLAN entries: 4K
    - ACL entries: 4K
  • Number of power supply: 2, (default load Power 2 only)
  • Power supply types :
    - AC (forward and reversed airflow)
    - DC (forward and reversed airflow)
  • Max. Operating power: Max. 239W
  • Maximum power 456W (From Power Supply)
  • Number of Fan Module: 5
  • FAN tray:
    - Provide reversible airflow option (front-to-rear or rear-to-front) by different fan
       tray modules.
    - Support n+1 redundancy.
    - Shipment with 4 front-to-rear airflow fan trays by default.
    - Support software fan speed control
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 44mm(H) x 440mm(W) x 487.4 mm(D)
  • Weight:  9.29 kg, include 2 PSU and 5 FANs
  • Operating temperature: 0~45°C
  • Storage temperature: -40~70°C
  • Operating relative humidity: 0%-95% RH
  • Storage relative humidity: 0%~95% RH
  • Altitude: 3000m
ONIE Support

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